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Maria Bello Joins ‘NCIS’ as Series Regular

July 27, 2017


Maria Bello has joined CBS’ long-running drama series NCIS as a series regular in season 15.

Bello will play an NCIS agent who was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army and served two tours in Afghanistan. After joining NCIS, she built he reputation as the agency’s premier forensic psychologist. Unlike the other agents, she can second-guess and challenge Gibbs (Mark Harmon), so there will be friction but also mutual respect. She is a positive force, mischievous and at times acerbic. Her character will be introduced in the season’s fourth episode.

George Schenck and Frank Cardea, Executive Producers and Co-Showrunners said:

“We have always been big fans of Maria Bello’s work and are excited to be introducing her as an agent who not only has a distinct talent but also a unique relationship with Gibbs.”

Bello played Billy Bob Thornton’s ex-wife Michelle McBride on Amazon’s legal drama series Goliath, which was renewed for a second season. She will star opposite Kyle MacLachlan and Josh Wiggins in the upcoming YA drama Glo from writer/director Keith Behrman, and in MGM/Likely Story/FilmWave’s upcoming YA romantic drama Every Day.

NCIS Season 15 premieres on September 26 at 10PM ET/PT on CBS.


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