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The Trailer For ‘CLEVERMAN’ Season 2

June 29, 2017

SundanceTV has released the season 2 trailer for their dystopian drama series CLEVERMAN, which can be seen down below!

Season 2 seems to bring more action and will explore further the new conflicts that are greater than just the two characters.

Hunter Page-Lochard and Rob Collins return reprising their roles as feuding brothers to further the story of the aboriginal superhero, Cleverman.

Two estranged Gumbaynggirr brothers are forced together to fight for their own survival when one of them is passed the mantle of the “Cleverman.” The series is based on several different stories from Aboriginal folklore, including Hairypeople and Cleverman himself, modernizing these stories of the Aboriginal Dreamtime by adding a superhero spin to reflect on modern issues such as racism, asylum seekers and border protection.

CLEVERMAN takes all the drama, dystopian fiction, science fiction, and the supernatural and combines them to create an intriguing philosophical work of television that speaks to the humanity inside of everyone, while bringing attention to current issues around the globe.

Season 2 airs new episodes on Wednesdays at 10PM ET/PT on SundanceTV.

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