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Production Begins on Cuba Gooding Jr. Directorial Debut ‘LOUISIANA CAVIAR’

June 19, 2017

american crime story

Production has officially begun on LOUISIANA CAVIAR, an indie film thriller set in New Orleans, which marks the directorial debut for Cuba Gooding Jr. Gooding Jr. also stars alongside Richard Dreyfuss and Famke Janssen, from a script by Eitan Gorlan that Gooding Jr. rewrote.

Paul Haggis executive produces. Anjul Nigam produces under his Brittany House Pictures banner with Steve Straka of Quixotic Road, and Hilary Shortchanged. The film is a co-production with Taiwan based Wudi Pictures, whose chief Maxx Tsai will executive produce.

Louisiana Caviar is a tale of sin involving good people who, out of desperation, resort to doing bad things that inevitably leave them with life-changing consequences.

Gooding Jr. will play a boxer in the twilight of his career. He explained how he decided to direct:

“They’ve let me direct, and write this script and I got final cut and locked in Richard Dreyfuss and Famke Janssen and we’ve been able to surround them with all these great young people and I’m blown away with how quickly this has come together. “

Gooding Jr. was only attached to star, but after the previous director who was attached dropped out, things change. Gooding Jr. sent a couple scripts he’d written and was approached by Nigam to take a shot of doing a rewrite and to possibly direct.

“They said Nigam was a childhood friend, and it turned that we’d met when we both did guest spots on GROWING PAINS. He said we don’t have much money, but what if you directed it? I took the script, broke it down, pitched a page on rewrite. The financiers read it and here we are. I’m sure the idea was that having an Academy Award winner make a directorial debut was the sell, but this thing really came together. I can’t give it all away, but there are five elements to our storylines. There is the boxer I’m playing; there’s a young white blonde girl with an arc reminiscent of Lisa Bonet in ANGEL HEART; Famke Janssen plays this lesbian photographer who gets caught up in this world and manipulated by a man who has been tasked to perform this immoral deed with the young girl. These elements motivate the eroticism and morality in this tale of sin. I just came away from AMERICAN HORROR STORY, but I can tell you Richard Dreyfuss’ story line is just horrifying. It takes place on an alligator farm/slaughterhouse and the things he does to keep things the way he needs them to be, I believe it will be truly disturbing to watch.”

Gooding Jr. said that his confidence is credited to Haggis, an Oscar-winning director of Crash who’s a neighbor in Downton New York.

“When Paul heard I was doing this movie and had three weeks of prep to pull it together, he said, ‘get your ass to the lobby of the Mercer Hotel’, where he gave me a four-hour tutorial. We broke it down and he told me everything I need to know, including that I needed to be flexible but ultimately that I capture my vision. I don’t think you could shoot this anywhere but New Orleans.”


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