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ABC News Teams Up with Viola Davis For Six Part True Crime Documentary Series

June 16, 2017

viola davis custody

ABC News’ Lincoln Square Productions and Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions and XCON Productions have all teamed up together to develop a six-part true-crime documentary series for ABC.

4% (working title) follows two inmates who have been on Death Row for two decades. The project will re-examine the evidence in their cases using new forensic technologies. An often-cited 2014 National Academy of Sciences study shows that perhaps as many as 4% of the people on Death Row are innocent. In each of the two cases, the crime, investigation, trial, verdict and appeals will be examined, unpacking the facts of the case and the emotions on both sides, and posing the question about whether they are innocent of the crimes for which they have been condemned.

Morgan Hertzman of Lincoln Squad SVP said:

“From the first meeting with Viola and Julius, we learned they are committed to suing their extraordinary powerful megaphone to help tell the stories of those that need it most. We’re proud to be teaming up with them for a riveting series.’

Tennon and Davis said:

“The 4% represents those who are looking for justice, but face an uphill. battle.”

Andrew Wang, JuVee’s Head of TV said:

“We’re so proud to join with ABC and Lincoln Square in highlighting the important, life-saving work being undertaken to help the innocent clear their names and ensure that they do not face the ultimate punishment for a crime they did not commit.”

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