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Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame Join Universal’s Dark Universe

June 7, 2017


Universal Pictures announced in May that their shared universe of monster movies titled DARK UNIVERSE, will kick off with The Mummy. This universe was begun by Alex Kurtzman, who also directs and produces The Mummy, and The Mummy producer Chris Morgan. Also joining this universe to inspire and entertain a new generation are Christopher McQuarrie and David Koepp. In addition, Bill Condon (Beauty and the Beast) will direct the next film, BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN from a script by Koepp. It hits theaters on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

No actress has been announced for Bride of Frankenstein, but the studio did revealed that Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem, who appear currently in the big screen in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, will star as The Invisible Man and Frankenstein’s monster in the shared universe. They are joined by Tom Cruise as soldier of fortune Nick Morton and Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll, who lead The Mummy alongside Sofia Boutella, who plays the title character.

Kurtzman recently spoke with Fandom and revealed what other characters will be joining the Dark Universe.

“We know we’re going to do Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Phantom of the Opera, Hunchback of Notre Dame,  Invisible Man. 

There are characters within those films that can grow and expand maybe even spin off. I think that digging into deep mythologies about monsters around the world is fair game for us, as well as connecting the monsters that we know to some surprising monsters could also be really interesting.”

When asked about what actors he would like to bring in, he said:

“I’d love to bring Michael Fassbender in, I’d love to bring Jennifer Lawrence in, I’d love to see Charlize Theron in there, Angelina Jolie…”

Angelina Jolie has been mentioned quite a few times and seems to be a favorite to play Bride of Frankenstein. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

At its organizing principle, Dark Universe films are connected by a mysterious multi-national organization known as Prodigium. Led by the enigmatic and brilliant Dr. Henry Jekyll, Prodigium’s mission is to track, study and — when necessary– destroy evil embodied in the form of monsters in our world. Working outside the aegis of any government, and with practices concealed by millennia of secrecy, Prodrigium protects the public from knowledge of the evil that exists just beyond the thin membrane of civilized society… and will go to any length to contain it.


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