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The Trailer For ‘CLEVERMAN’ Season 2

May 30, 2017

Check out the first trailer that SundanceTV has released for Australian sci-fi drama series CLEVERMAN season 2, which can be seen down below!

Starring Hunter Page Lochard and Rob Collins, the series is inspired by different stories from Aboriginal folklore, CLEVERMAN reimagines several Aboriginal “dreamtime” stories and sets them in a modern sci-fi superhero setting. The series follows two estranged Aboriginal brothers, Koen (Lochard) and Waruu (Collins) who are forced to work together to survive when the mantle of the Cleverman is passed onto Koen. As the super-powered and club-wielding Clevermann, Koen must use his newfound abilities to survive their near-future dystopian world inhabited by other-worldly creatures known as The Hairy People.

CLEVERMAN explores relevant issues such as racism, asylum seekers, and border protection, issues that in Season 2 will be even more explored as the fight continues between mythological creatures of Aboriginal lore and humanity rages on.

Season 2 premieres this Summer on SundanceTV.


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