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Nat Wolff Joins Sam Claflin’s Crime-Thriller ‘SEMPER FI’

May 20, 2017

Nat wolff

Nat Wolff has joined Sam Claflin in the crime thriller SEMPER FI. 

Directed by Henry-Alex Rubin from a script he co-wrote with Sean Mullin, the film is produced by Whiplash and Nightcrawler‘s David Lancaster of Rumble Films and Karina Miller from Sparkhouse Media.

Claflin leads the film as Hopper, and Wolff will play his younger brother Oyster. Hopper is a straight-laced cop who fills his downtime as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reservists alongside a close-knit team of life-long friends. A rowdy but inseparable bunch of guys, they look out for each other no matter what, including keeping an eye out for Hopper’s younger, reckless brother Oyster. When Oyster accidentally kills a man and tries to flee town, Hopper stops him and forces him to face the music.

Wracked with guilt at leaving his brother locked up in jail, Hopper and his buddies are deployed to Iraq. Battle-weary, he returns home to discover Oyster’s final court appeal has been rejected. No longer willing to live with his guilt, Hopper resolves to save his brother by breaking him out of prison, no matter what the cost.

Cornerstone Films is handling sales for the film at Cannes.

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