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Jessica Chastain to Star in ‘SEDUCING INGRID BERGMAN’

May 20, 2017


Jessica Chastain will star and produce  SEDUCING INGRID BERGMAN. Based on the 2012 novel by Chris Greenhalgh, the film tells the story of the torrid romance between the Casablanca actress and celebrated war photographer Robert Capa. Their relationship began in Paris immediately following WWII, and moved to Hollywood at the time of the McCarthy Communist witch hunt.

Chastain and Freckle Films and YRF Entertainment will produce. Jonathan Reiman will executive produce. Freckle Films’ president of production and development Kelly Carmichael will oversee. No director is yet attached.

Chastain and Carmichael said:

“We are thrilled to be working with YRF and Arash Amel on SEDUCING INGRID BERGMAN. This is a captivating story about a deeply moving romance between two remarkable people.”

Uday Chopra, YRF Chief Executive Officer said:

“Jessica Chastain is the perfect actress to star in SEDUCING INGRIG BERGMAN. Jessica is no stranger to portraying strong, intelligent women and this role deserved an actress of her immeasurable talent. We also feel that she will bring a unique perspective as a producer.”


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