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Stanley Tucci Joins ‘THE SILENCE’

May 19, 2017


Stanley Tucci is set to star in John Leonetti’s upcoming feature, THE SILENCE from Constantin Film and EMJAG Productions. Tucci joins the previously announced Kiernan Shipka, who will be leading.

Robert Kulzer, Alexandra Milchan and Scott Lambert will be producing, with Constantin CEO Martin Moszkowicz executive producing.

The Silence is based on the bestselling novel by fantasy-horror writer Tim Lebbon, and is adapted by The Van Dyke Brothers, Carey and Shane. The story follows the terrifying tale of Ally, a deaf teenager, and her family whose world is turned upside down by a deadly and primeval force. In the fields near her New Jersey home, a colony of bats are attacked by a parasitic insect and soon morph into a new lethal species called Vesps. As the blind, winged creatures quickly grow, spread and attack the human population, Ally’s heightened senses become her strength. She can feels when the Vesps are close and realize that even the slightest noise summons them in huge numbers. She and her family seek refuge in the woods where they must live in total silence. Amidst the creature chaos, they learn that humans can be just as dangerous when they are fighting to survive.

Production is set to begin in September.

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