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The First Exclusive Look at Pierce Brosnan in Psychological Mystery ‘SPINNING MAN’

May 17, 2017

Check out your first exclusive look at Pierce Brosnan and Guy Pearce in the dark psychological mystery SPINNING MAN, which can be seen down below!

Written by Matthew Aldrich and directed by Simon Kaijser, the film is being brought by Film Bridge to Cannes.

Based on the novel by George Harrar, Spinning Man stars Pearce as a happily married professor whose life unravels when he’s implicated in the murder of one of his students. Minnie Driver costars as his wife, who begins to doubt his innocence.

Brosnan plays Malloy, a tenacious Irish police detective in charge of the investigation. He said:

“This is such a character study. Especially in its depiction of the disintegration of a marriage. 

Malloy is a seasoned detective. He’s a weary man who looks for proof, slowly and methodically. Yet he’s also a man with compassion, and a philosophical understanding of human kind. In a way, he’s somewhat priest-like.”

Spinning Man


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