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The First Exclusive Look at Naomi Watts in Netflix’s Psychological Thriller ‘GYPSY’

May 4, 2017

Check out your first exclusive look that EW has released of  Naomi Watts in Netflix’s upcoming ten-episode psychological thriller, GYSPY!

The series follows Jean Halloway (Watts), an established New York City therapist, who, on paper, has the perfect life: a notable career, a spacious home in the Connecticut suburbs, a successful lawyer husband (Crudup), and a bright young child. What she lacks, however, is restraint. Jean’s insatiable curiosity ultimately sees her skirting ethical lines and blurring the borders of professional reality and personal fantasy, piecing together the fragments of her patients’ admissions while stealthily forging forbidden relationships– some more physical than others– with the people in their lives.

Watts is joined alongside Billy Crudup as Jean’s husband Michael Halloway, Sophie Cookson as Sydney, Lucy Boynton as Jean’s patient Allison and Karl Glusman as Jean’s patient Sam.

Written by Hollywood newcomer Lisa Rubin, the series is directed by Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Sam Taylor Johnson as well as Victoria Mahoney and Coky Giedroyc.

This is produced for Netflix by Universal Television and executive produced by Rubin, Watts, Sean Jablonski and Liza Chasin.

Gypsy 4

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