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Cillian Murphy, Jamie Dornan and Pierce Brosnan to Star in Maze Prison Escape Film ‘H-BLOCK’

May 1, 2017


Cillian Murphy (upcoming Dunkirk, InceptionPeaky Blinders), Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades, The Fall) and Pierce Brosnan will star in the true story about the Maze Prison escape film, H-BLOCK. The true story is known as the Great Escape when it unfolded back in Northern Ireland.


Jim Sheridan will direct from a script by Tony Devilin and Gavin McCloskey. Sheridan and Nic Sheff are working on a shooting script. It’s about an escape from the maximum-security prison that became a source of propaganda used by the IRA.

Thirty-eight prisoners escaped from H-Block with only 19 recaptured. In the escape, one officer died of a heart attack after being stabbed (one of four injured that way). In all, twenty were injured including being stabbed or shot; one prison officer was shot in the head but survived. The escape was a violent breakout that included hostage taking and ended up being the biggest in both British and Irish history.

Dylan Sellars is producing, who is the former president of TWC, with Dan Halsted executive producing.

Murphy will play the head of the ring of IRA prisoners who has earned the respect of the prison guards but now just wants a life of peace.

Dornan’s role in this film is a gritty role, he’s an IRA prisoner and orderly who starts discovering weaknesses in the prison. He is also one of the last IRA prisoners to agree to the escape– but after he does leaves he’s motivated by vengeance on the way out.

And lastly, Brosnan will play the antagonist– warden of the Maze Prison who is pitted against the escapees.

Mister Smith Entertainment is handling sales in Cannes for the film, with Brad Feinstein’s Romulus Entertainment producing and financing the film with his partner Joseph Ingrassia.

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