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HBO Developing ‘WAG THE DOG’ Series

April 28, 2017

Wag Dog

Following its success of adapting Michael Crichton’s 1973 Westworld, HBO is developingWAG THE DOG series, based on the 1997 feature film directed by Barry Levinson. Levinson will return to direct the series, with Robert De Niro, who leaded the film opposite Dustin Hoffman, will also serve as executive producer.

HBO has described the WAG THE DOG series as the following:

[WAG THE DOG is] an ode to the classic film, but moving the weapons of mass distraction beyond politics and into business, entertainment, and yes, non-profits. In the 21st Century with the tools of social media at their hands, nothing is off limits to a small group of operators when it comes to manufacturing reality. Fake news is so yesterday.

Rajiv Joseph will be writing the series and will also serve as executive producer alongside De Niro, Levinson, Tom Fontana, Jane Rosenthal, Berry Welsh and Jason Sosnoff, the original film’s screenwriter. David Brock will serve as a consultant.

The original film was based on the 1993 novel American Hero by Larry Beinhart. The film stars De Niro as a political spin doctor who, in attempt to get the right candidate elected President, hires a film producer (Hoffman) to fake a war with Albania. The original novel was quite different, and imagined George Bush Sr. faking the Gulf War.


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