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Ewan McGregor to Lead Disney’s ‘CHRISTOPHER ROBIN’

April 27, 2017

ewan mcgregor

Ewan McGregor will lead Walt Disney Pictures’ upcoming feature film CHRISTOPHER ROBIN!

Currently seen as siblings duo on FX’s FARGO season 3, this project is one of the two based on the life of Christopher Robin Milne. It will be directed by Marc Forster (World War Z, Finding Neverland) and focuses on the adult life of the man who, as a boy, served as inspiration for the young protagonist of his father’s Winnie the Pooh books.

Initially written by Alex Ross Perry, with Tom McCarthy having done recent rewrites. Allison Schroeder has been brought in to work on the script. The plot sees a grown-up version of the Winnie the Pooh character whose adult life has caused him to lose joy he had as a young man. Pooh pays the adult Christopher Robin a visit to remind him of the magic of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Before Disney’s Christopher Robin, FOX Searchlight will released director Simon Curtis’ Goodbye Christopher Robin starring Domhnall Gleeson as A.A. Milne and Margot Robbie as the author’s wife, Daphne. Goodbye Christopher Robin features the young life of Christopher Robin Milne, but will primarily serve as a biopic of his father.


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