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Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Video For ‘DOCTOR WHO’ Season 10

April 11, 2017

doctor who companion

Check out this behind-the-scenes look that BBC has released for DOCTOR WHO Season 10, which features stars Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, Pearl Mackie as the new companion Bill and show runner Steven Moffat!

Moffat revealed that the theme for this season is:

“They’re just flung into that universe and told to deal with it. To become heroes because they’re flying into that moment where you have no alternative. That being a hero is about that time when you need to be a hero.”

This season will feature the return of the Daleks, the Ice Warriors, and the Mondasian Cybermen, who haven’t been seen in 50 years, when they first appeared on season 1. There’s also the Emojibots. In addition to new monsters, John Simms has been confirmed to return as The Master alongside Michelle Gomez who play Missy, the current regeneration of The Master.



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