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The First Trailer For ‘CHUCK’ Starring Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts

April 10, 2017

Check out the very first trailer that IFC Films has released for their upcoming biopic CHUCK, the man who inspired Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky, starring Liev Schreiber as Chuck Wepner!

Schreiber is joined alongside Naomi Watts and Elizabeth Moss as Wepner’s two love interests, alongside Jim Gaffigan and Ron Perlman.

Known as the Bayonne Bleeder, Wepner was a 1970s-era heavyweight boxer who went 15 rounds in the rings with Muhammad Ali and once fought an actual live bear. The true pride of his life was being the real “Rocky”, however, and his newfound fame led him to a life of drinking, drugs and infidelity. As Chuck struggles to hang onto the people that matter, including his no-nonsense wife (Moss) and a straight-talking local bartender (Watts), the film offers an honest look at a larger-than-life figure navigating the highs and lows of sudden fame.

Directed by French-Canadian director Philippe Falardeau.


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