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Danny Boyle Reveals Original Title For ‘T2: TRAINSPOTTING’

March 21, 2017


It’s been decades since the original Trainspotting film was released in theaters and became one of the defining films of the 1990s. Years then, a sequel has been in the works, but it started to become a problem after the rise of director Danny Boyle. Then, it was just a matter of getting the four leads schedule to do it and finally this year comes, T2: TRAINSPOTTING.

Boyle reveals to Nerdist Podcast that doing a sequel wasn’t on his mind.

“No, we didn’t think [we should make a sequel when we made the first film]. What we should have done– proper sequels you move straight away, you bring out the next one quite quickly afterwards. That’s the commercial thinking anyway, but we never even imagined that.”

One thing for sure Boyle admits that he was also conscious of doing a sequel.

“The terror was that it would be bad because then you would never be forgiven for having returned to something that people had such affection for and then made a shit film. And that was the only pressure I ever felt. Sometimes I would see the actors looking at me and I could tell what they were thinking: ‘This better not be shit, Danny. We love it, but it better not be shit.'”

He also reveals that the sequel’s title didn’t had the name Trainspotting in it.

“This is the weird thing, we never wanted it to be called TRAINSPOTTING. The rational part of my brain knows we’re going to have to use the title TRAINSPOTTING somewhere in it, but [screenwriter] John Hodge and I, we had this insistence that we were going to call it something different and nothing to do with TRAINSPOTTING. In fact, it was going to be called THE LEAST UNFAMILIAR, which is a terrible title and we knew it was, but we were defiantly saying it’s gotta be called that because it may not have anything to do with the first film.  We may not even refer to it. It’s got to be it’s own thing, it has to be its own identity. You mustn’t judge it as a sequel straight away, which is what everybody does of course, so you cling on to that for as long as possible and eventually give in. But you hold on as long as you can to make sure it has its own identity.”

With the sequel going to hit theaters, Boyle’s next project is FX’s limited series Trust, but there’s something that he hasn’t crossed yet off his bucket list. And you might be a bit surprised.

“A musica, oh yeah. For any director an original music is the ultimate holy grail, absolutely. It’s the purest form of cinema. If you can get your characters to sing, absolutely believe it and go for it– that’s the ultimate degree of difficulty. That’s the top one.”

This shouldn’t be surprising much as Boyle has been attached to several musical projects over the years– My Fair Lady, Miss Saigon and even a movie using the music of David Bowie, but those talks have fallen apart. Even Millions was initially a musical before it changed creative directions.

“We were going to make a musical [with] the kids film we made MILLIONS. Because you look at the ingredients of it, that IS a musical. But we chickened out of it. We were going to get Noel Gallagher to write the songs, I remember, and get the kids to sing and we chickened out of it. Me and writer Frank Cottrell Boyce, we kept flirting with [the ideal], but we lacked the confidence. Now I’d do it. If you come act across an idea like that? Because it has a beautiful simplicity to it that suits the musical. There’s something ultimately very hopeful to it.”


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