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Noah Hawley To Develop ‘ZERO K’ For FX

March 16, 2017


FX announced last year that they were going to adapt Don DeLilo’s novel ZERO K for TV, but not a lot has been known about it. However, the series will be develop by none other than Fargo and Legion‘s Noah Hawley alongside Charlie McDowell and Justin Lader. McDowell and Lader previously worked on the sci-fi tinged drama The One I Love and are set to release their next project together, the feature film The Discovery with Netflix on March 31.

McDowell told Comingsoon:

“The next thing for Justin Lader, my writing partner and myself, is a Don DeLilo book, ZERO K. Noah Hawley came to us with it and it’s something we really love. We’re adapting that with Scott Rudin producing for FX. It will be a limited series. It’s an esoteric sci-fi that definitely explores things similar to what we’ve explored before, but in a bigger, more visual way.”

ZERO K is narrated by a character named Jeffrey Lockhart. His father, Ross Lockhart, is an aging billionaire whose time on Earth is falling short. With his days numbered, Ross and his younger wife Artis travel to a secret compound where their bodies will be preserved until a day when future technology will allow them both to extend their lives.

McDowell said:

“To me, it’s sort of a dream come true, because I’m obsessed with his stuff and the stories [Noah Hawley] is telling. He’s also such a brilliant mind. To be able to collaborate with someone like that? We haven’t done that before. We’ve only really collaborated between ourselves. Collaborating with someone we like and respect so much has led to such an incredible collaboration so far.”


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