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Production Wraps on Alfonso Cuarón’s New Film ‘ROMA’

March 15, 2017


Following his multiple Oscar winning Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón has decided to return back to his indie roots for his next film, which started production last fall in Mexico. Very little is known about the film, plot details are under wrap, mostly little known actors, but now some interesting new details has been released.

Cuarón held a press conference on March 14 to announce that production had wrapped, which is titled, ROMA. It follows a middle-class Mexico City family in the 1970s, but it will also depict The Corpus Christi Massacre, in which student demonstrators were killed by elite Mexican soldiers. Cuarón filmed a major sequence months ago, which required streets and subway stations in Mexico City to be shut down. The film was shot on 70mm and Cuarón’s regular cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki had schedule conflicts and instead was replaced by Galo Olivares.

No word yet on whether the film will be completed in time to his festivals at the end of this year.



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