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Fede Alvarez Responds Replacing Rooney Mara For ‘THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB’

March 15, 2017

Don't Breathe

Following the announcement that Sony Pictures was going to adapt THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER’S WEB as a reboot and to be directed by Fede Alvarez, fans have been wondering who will replace Rooney Mara. Mara played Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s English-language remake The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which earned her an Oscar nomination.

Alvarez was asked about the casting of Spider’s Web on Twitter and here’s what he replied:

Alvarez will direct based on a script cowritten by him & Jay Basu and Steven Knight.

Scott Rudin, Søren Stærmose, Ole Søndberg, Amy Pascal, Elizabeth Cantillon, Eli Bush and Berna Levin will be producing, with Anni Faurbye Fernandez, Line Winther Skyum Funch, Johannes Jensen and David Fincher executive producing.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web follows Salander’s ambitious hacking doings, which put her in the crosshairs of the National Security Agency; Blomkvist; meanwhile, is feeling stagnant after his magazine Millennium, has exposed the Salander-related scandal perpetrated by the government. It’s not long before the two of them embark on a solving a twisty new mystery together.

The Millennium Series is a worldwide bestseller, with the four books selling over 86 million copies since their debut.


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