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Emma Watson Opens Up About Not Working on ‘LA LA LAND’

March 11, 2017

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Emma Watson was originally set to play the female lead in the Oscar-winning film La La Land alongside Miles Teller, but that obviously changed. Now, Watson  opened up to SiriusXM Town Hall about the real reason why she didn’t do the film.

“It’s one of these frustrating things where sort of names get attached to projects very early on as a way to kind of build anticipation or excitement for something that’s coming before anything is really actually agreed or set in stone.”

It wasn’t because of the story, but it was because she had to train for Belle for Beauty and the Beast.

“I knew I had horse training, I knew I had dancing, I knew I had three months of singing ahead of me, and I knew I had to be in London to really do that. And this wasn’t a movie I could just kind of parachute into. I knew I had to do the work, and I had to be where I had to be. So schedule conflict-wise, it just didn’t work out.”

While Emma Stone got the role and has won awards, Watson revealed that she’s happy that musicals are coming back again and strong.

“I’m so thrilled that musicals are so celebrated at the moment! They seem to be back in the zeitgeist and people are kind of celebrating and loving music and singing and dancing again. I thought [LA LA LAND] was wonderful. It’s lovely.”







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