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Danny Boyle Talks FX’s ‘TRUST’ Series

March 10, 2017


Danny Boyle might be back in the big screen with T2: Trainspotting, but he’s also making plans about going back to television, after directing the first episode of Babylon. Boyle re-teamed with Slumdog Millionaire writer Simon Beaufoy for FX’s TRUST. The show follows John Paul Getty III’s famous mafia kidnapping from 1973 in Rome. What’s happened with it?

Boyle recently spoke with Collider not only to talk about T2: Trainspotting, but also about the series:

“We have a television series we’re developing for FX which is kind of like a five-decade family thing, which in theory would happen over five years. Each series would shoot every year for five years, and each series is about a different decade. The first one would be set in the 70s and would happen in Italy and England, and we’re hoping to begin shooting that this summer.”

While Boyle is involved, don’t expect him to direct the entire series.

“No. I will the first two or three. We’re just deciding that at the moment. I’d love to do them all. I think that would be wrong because I think the danger is you are not following the form to take over. You’d be doing 10 mini-films, which is not the form. The format is that you’re letting the characters tell the story and directors are an aid to that rather than the driving force. I’m going to limit to two or three. We’re just in the process of deciding whether it should be two or three.”

Exciting huh?



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