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Daniel Radcliffe’s Interview With Radar Magazine

December 8, 2012


Daniel Radcliffe chatted with Radar Magazine about working alongside Jon Hamm, his new upcoming film Kill Your Darlings and moving on from Harry Potter. 


On comparing the great impact author Mikhail Bulgakov’s had on Russian language to that of the success of Harry Potter: “It is something that has. It’s in the collective consciousness of a generation, and there are words that are now filtering into the lanaguage, like Quidditch and Muggle. It’s a shared set of references, I suppose, and it’s quite universal. Potter was so massively wide-ranging, and read by everyone. I’m always pleased to be associated with something that was so important. And it’s not just a franchise. It’s only really in the past few years that that word has been bandied around, and it makes everything seem very cold and business-like. We were always wanting to prove ourselves and get better with every film.” 



On reading his favorite book The Master and Margarita: “I read it and immediately loved it, and read it again immediately afterwards, and then, for my 21st birthday I went to Russian to visit his apartment, as my present to myself. ” 


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