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Skyfall Filming In Glencoe, Scotland: Daniel Craig & Dame Judi Dench Spotted Filming Scenes

February 10, 2012

Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench were both on the north of the boarder in Glencoe, Scotland shooting scenes for Skyfall  in a stunning 3, 353ft mountain Buachaille Etive Mor as a backdrop. The filming took place about an hour’s walk from the A82 in near freezing conditions, on a trail which was closed for the public for the day.  From the pics that I’ve seen looks awesome and I can’t wait to see in the big screen.

The crew has been on location for a couple of days setting up beforehand, but Craig and Dench were only in Scotland for the day along with 007’s Aston Martin DB5. Ben Collins “The Stig” was also on location for driving duty, steering the DB5 towards an old estate. After being done with filming, both Craig and Dench were spotted at Glasgow airport in the evening heading back to London.

Craig was spotted dressed in a sharp grey suit with a blue shirt and a blue tie, and meets up with MI6 head M that is played by Dame Dench alongside a single track road.

Craig walks off during a scene

The two characters have an in-depth conversation overlooking the misty mountains. Looking stunning apart from some rugged brown walking boots- Craig shot the scene with Dame Dench that was dressed more sensibly in a purple three-quarter length coats and tights.

An onlooker said about Craig:

“Daniel must have been cold spending all that time stood in the middle of nowhere, no wonder he had his hands in his pocket.” 


About Dame Dench he said:

“Judi Dench must have been much warmer.”


About the villagers:

“The villagers were really patient, waiting at the barriers, but eventually they must have realised it would be closed for a while because they went away. It’s really exciting having Bond filming on your doorstep.”

Again where is Bond being shot? Is being shot on location in Glencoe near to Dalness Lodge, in Glen Etive in the Highlands. The lodge was once owned by Bond creator Ian Fleming’s family and is thought to be featured in the film as a ‘safe house’.

In the early hours of the morning, the crew set up and armed with a long table of food and hot drinks, and residents from the near community waited patiently at the end of the set waiting for news of when they would be let through the single track road. But luckily for the crew, the Scottish weather held off and filming was able to take place as scheduled and there was even time for a very British tea break.

Craig on set

Dench getting her make up done before filming

Craig and Dench filming a scene

Skyfall crew filming

Craig talking with Mendes

Sam Mendes discusses what's next

Mist descends from the mountains in Scotland

  1. Marilyn Jupina Kretzu permalink

    SKYFALL was intriguing and gorgeous. Sad to see Dench go. Craig was fantastic. The best surprise was the estate SKYFALL in the Highlands of Scotland. Daniel Craig was extremely entertaining, as we saw another side of him. Thank you.

    • star010 permalink

      The film was fantastic, even better BRILLIANT and yet one of the BEST FILMS FROM THE BOND FRANCHISE!! I was very pissed about the ending and especially with Judi Dench’s character, but what can I do? And Daniel Craig just keeps getting better and better as Bond. I also think Javier Bardem did quite an BRILLIANT job as the villain in this film. And thank you for the kind comment.

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